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Protect Your Online Privacy - Free and Easy Tips for You to Keep Your Personal Information to Yourself

Many people could be unknowingly giving their personal information away by third-party’s access when surfing online. If you don’t know how to protect your personal information, browsing history and surfing habits, you’d better keep on reading for this article will introduce some easy tips to protect your online privacy. 

Tip one: do not reveal personal information inadvertently. You should never give detailed personal information to strangers or “fast friends” who you have just met online but you don’t know they at real life; and you’d better avoid using your real name online. 

Tip two: install anti-virus software and remember to open firewall when surfing online, and check regularly for spyware and viruses. When using public computers and public wireless networking hotspots, you should remember to clean your usage history before you log off. You should also be aware that use secure websites when shopping or banking online.  

Tip three: watch out for cookies on web browser. Cookies are files that websites use to store your information between sessions. Install cookie management programs on your browser so that  when a cookie is installed, your browser will warn you. Check and delete unwanted cookies regularly. 

Some users may think these tips are too complicated to follow. In that case, it is highly recommended using a 3rd party tool to protect your online privacy. 

You should choose a powerful tool which contains the following features:

Clean up all tracks of your computer and internet activities;

Protect your personal information all over, from every file to your financial information;

Simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Acebyte Utilities is one of the most excellent tools for you to choose. Acebyte Utilities will not only protect your privacy but also has many other features, such as improving computer performance by freeing up disk space, modifying and cleaning registry errors. Why not just get a free download and try this powerful tool now?